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169. Typical hip roof plan.dwg

169. Typical hip roof plan.pdf


170. Typical holdown detail and schedule.dwg

170. Typical holdown detail and schedule.pdf


171. Typical king post truss.dwg

171. Typical king post truss.pdf


172. Typical lintel beam connection.dwg

172. Typical lintel beam connection.pdf


173. Typical lintel beam.dwg

173. Typical lintel beam.pdf


174. Typical overframe trusses.dwg

174. Typical overframe trusses.pdf


175. Typical overframe.dwg

175. Typical overframe.pdf


176. Typical plaster soffit.dwg

176. Typical plaster soffit.pdf


177. Typical pot shelf.dwg

177. Typical pot shelf.pdf


178. Typical rafter framed roof.dwg

178. Typical rafter framed roof.pdf


179. Typical rafter framed vaulted ceiling.dwg

179. Typical rafter framed vaulted ceiling.pdf


180. Typical roof framing plan.dwg

180. Typical roof framing plan.pdf


181. Typical scissors truss.dwg

181. Typical scissors truss.pdf


182. Typical shear panel.dwg

182. Typical shear panel.pdf


183. Typical shear panel 2 story.dwg

183. Typical shear panel 2 story.pdf


184. Typical soffit framing.dwg

184. Typical soffit framing.pdf


185. Typical stair stringer.dwg

185. Typical stair stringer.pdf


186, Typical track anchorage.dwg

186, Typical track anchorage.pdf


187. Typical truss gusset.dwg

187. Typical truss gusset.pdf


188. Valley flashing.dwg

188. Valley flashing.pdf


189. Wall bridging.dwg

189. Wall bridging.pdf


190. Wall bridging-a.dwg

190. Wall bridging-a.pdf


191. Wall horizonal blocking-bridging.dwg

191. Wall horizonal blocking-bridging.pdf


192. Web at peak of truss.dwg

192. Web at peak of truss.pdf


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